Who We Are

Gusto was born out from love of homemade food, our passion for traveling and our curiosity in using new ingredients in different ways

Gusto has been created to meet the demands of people who, while on vacation, wanted to enjoy a unique meal experience, while at the same time enjoy the freshness of local ingredients

We offer creative breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners with the formula that most suits you; choose from your private chef, a catering service or a home delivery. We also organize special events such as picnic on the beach, surf & food day, barbecue evenings and theme parties


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Francesco Mascarucci

It really all started watching my “nonna” in the kitchen. Chopping, sizzling, frying, braising, baking: every single gesture had its own tradition, history, its own secret. After graduating In hotel management in Switzerland and working in various hotel & restaurants in the world, here, in Costa Rica, I want to express my passion for food trough the “Gusto Experience”